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Björkvattnet was inhabited for the first time around 1750, when Norwegian settlers arrived.

Gathering along
the gravel road

Planning the moose hunt

Rough guys like Sigge,
Lars Linde & John Ingerhed

Celebrating the end
of World War II

The steam boat Gäddede

An early postcard

Hard work before
the long winter

Goats in front of Västbygget

A plesant boat trip
along the creek

Björkvattnet from the
south side of the lake

The guesthouse of Karl
Wiktor Persson*

Celebrating the new bridges
at Holmtjärnen***

Tore & Torsten
having a good time***

Olander and his dog Roy

Beachlife in

Svea och the
Ådahl family**

All three Ingerhed

Sune & Eivor bl.a.
*=Photo of Sven Engdahl
**=Photo of Erik Ådahl?
***=Photo of Irja Johansson
****=Photo of Ivar Sennvall